Welcome to CAB at St. Jude

The CAB DevOps Group focused on creating and maintaining core bioinformatics services and infrastructure to best serve the research community at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Technologies and methods

The DevOps team developed automapper could handle data from:

  • ATAC-Seq
  • ChIP-Seq
  • RNA-Seq
  • WES
  • WGS
Data Management
  • Custom DB Design via Design and implementation of centralized relational DB (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) and distributed NoSQL DB (MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.)
  • User-Friendly DB Access via Design and implementation of customized web portals, RESTful-compliant endpoints
High-Performance Computing
  • Solutions with Supercomputer Architecture via Design and implementation of MPI/OpenMP-based algorithms
  • Solutions with GPU Architecture via Design and implementation of CUDA-enabled algorithms
  • Solutions with Cloud-based Architecture via Design and implementation of algorithms on distributed big-data stacks such as Spark/Hadoop
Data visualization
  • Visualization Analysis via Optimization on data structure and rendering algorithms aiming at high-performance visual creation and smooth user experiences
  • Solutions on Traditional Visualization via Custom 2D and 3D static and interactive data visualization on small/medium-size data sets
  • Solutions on Remote/Web-embedded Visualization via Design and implementation of visualization portals enabling remote interaction with large/volumetric data sets

Joining St. Jude

If you are interested in joining please go to the recruitment page.


Jan 2023

New papers! Zhao et al. 2022; NatCommun;Singh et al. 2022; Sci.Transl.Med.;Jiao et al. 2023; CellReports;Wang et al. 2023; Sci.Adv.; Kudo to Nadhir, co-first author Hyle et al. 2023; GenomeBiol.; Press Release

July 1th 2022

New papers! Dickerson et al. 2022; BloodCancerDiscovery;Zhao et al. 2022; JNCI;Drosos et al. 2022; MolecularCell;Graca et al. 2022; NatCommun; Kudo to Wojciech, co-first author Qi et al. 2022; JPathol

Oct 19th 2021

New paper! Wang et al. 2021 published in Life Sci. Alliance: PROSER1 mediates TET2 O-GlcNAcylation to regulate DNA demethylation on UTX-dependent enhancers and CpG islands. Kudo to Wojciech, first co-first author with St. Jude PIs

Aug 24th 2021

New paper! Xu et al. 2021 published in Genome Bio.: Acute depletion of CTCF rewires genome-wide chromatin accessibility. Press Release

Jun 8th 2021

New paper! Montefiori et al. 2021 published in Cancer Discov.: Enhancer Hijacking Drives Oncogenic BCL11B Expression in Lineage Ambiguous Stem Cell Leukemia

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