Jan 2024
New papers! Yang et al. 2024; NucleicAcidsRes.;Mondal et al. 2023; CancerRes;Ho et al. 2023; JClinInvest;Barajas et al. 2023; Blood;Kamens et al. 2023; NatCommun;Matsui et al. 2023; NatCommun;Searcy et al. 2023; NatCommun;Tian et al. 2023; Oncogene;Wright et al. 2023; Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.;Surman et al. 2023; Viruses;Ranjit et al. 2024; DrugResist.Updates;

Jan 2023
New papers! Zhao et al. 2022; NatCommun;Singh et al. 2022; Sci.Transl.Med.;Jiao et al. 2023; CellReports;Wang et al. 2023; Sci.Adv.; Kudo to Nadhir, co-first author Hyle et al. 2023; GenomeBiol.; Press Release

July 1th 2022
New papers! Dickerson et al. 2022; BloodCancerDiscovery;Zhao et al. 2022; JNCI;Drosos et al. 2022; MolecularCell;Graca et al. 2022; NatCommun; Kudo to Wojciech, co-first author Qi et al. 2022; JPathol

Oct 19th 2021
New paper! Wang et al. 2021 published in Life Sci. Alliance: PROSER1 mediates TET2 O-GlcNAcylation to regulate DNA demethylation on UTX-dependent enhancers and CpG islands. Kudo to Wojciech, first co-first author with St. Jude PIs

Aug 24th 2021
New paper! Xu et al. 2021 published in Genome Bio.: Acute depletion of CTCF rewires genome-wide chromatin accessibility. Press Release

Jun 8th 2021
New paper! Montefiori et al. 2021 published in Cancer Discov.: Enhancer Hijacking Drives Oncogenic BCL11B Expression in Lineage Ambiguous Stem Cell Leukemia

Jun 4th 2021
New paper! Zong et al. 2021 published in J. Exp. Med.: Foxp3 Enhancers Synergize to Maximize Regulatory T Cell Suppressive Capacity

Apr 5th 2021
New paper! Chen et al. 2021 published in Nat Genet, Dr. Mohamed Nadhir Djekidel(co-first) deciphers the Mysterious Roles of PRC Complexes in Histone Modification

Apr 4th 2021
New paper! Dikiy et al. 2021 published in Immunity, Drs. Beisi Xu and Yiping Fan assisted to identify an enhancer(CNS0) responsible for IL-2 dependent Foxp3 induction mediated by Stat5 and reveal its important role in buffering autoimmune pathology.

Apr 1th 2021
New paper! Margolis et al. 2021 published in The Lancet Microbe, Dr. Ti-Cheng Chang characterized SNPs in topisomerase genes gyrA and parC associated with fluoroquinolone resistance.

Mar 26th 2021
New paper! Rai et al. 2021 published in Cell Metabolism, combining human and fruitfly model found Proteasome Stress in Skeletal Muscle could delays Retinal and Brain Aging. Particularly highlighted an amylase Amyrel could increases the levels of maltose, which preserves proteostasis via chaperones

Mar 20th 2021
New paper! Diouf et al. 2021 published in Clin Transl Res, in a genome-wide screen, Dr. Yiping Fan identified NHP2L1 expression as the top mitosis-related gene significantly associated with vincristine LC50 in two different patient cohorts.

Mar 18th 2021
New paper! Upadhyaya et al. 2021 published in Clin Cancer Res, multi-institutional clinical trials focus on Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor(ATRT). Found among infants, those with ATRT-TYR had the best OS. ATRT-SHH was associated with metastases and consequently with inferior outcomes. Children with non-metastatic ATRT benefit from post-operative CSI and adjuvant chemotherapy.

Mar 10th 2021
New paper! Zheng et al. 2021 published in Blood, Dr. Yiping Fan demonstrated the differences in epigenetic programs among Ly108+ Regnase-1 KO and WT CAR T cells are coupled to memory and exhaustion-associated programs.

Jan 19th 2021
New paper! Williams et al. 2021 published in Genome Biology, MethylationToActivity is Deep-Learning Framework could predict promoter activity from DNA Methylomes

Jan 14th 2021
New paper! Xu et al. 2021 published in Blood, highlights the role of BAHD1, a H3K27me3 reader’s role in erythropoiesis